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Adult Services

Within the Adult Service Program, there are a variety of services a person can choose from. All of the programs are in place to help support a person to live independently at the best of their ability. These services can occur periodically or up to 24 hours per day.

What Kind of Supports Does A Person Receive?

Case Management – Each person receiving services is assigned a case manager. Every person is unique and therefore case managers make sure to provide the needed supports for each person on a case-by-case situation. Case managers typically assist with money management, advocating for rights, counseling, acquiring and maintaining benefits, and train in and communicate with Direct Support Professionals to make sure the person is receiving the best possible services.

Direct Support Professionals – Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide services specific to the goals and needs of each person. These supports are provided within a person’s own home or apartment. Staff can assist with socialization, home care responsibilities, personal care, cooking meals, medical maintenance, and any other case-by-case needs.

Adult Services Programs

Individualized Supported Living Arrangement (ISLA)

ISLA services are designed for people to receive services in their own homes. CLS provides supports to ensure people live at the highest level of independence by providing home and self care, money management, shopping, and medical support assistance. The amount of services provided can be from 10 hours a month to 24 hours a day.

Supported Living Arrangements (SLA)

SLA services are designed to provided supports in the least restrictive fashion to people who require minimal supports. The supports and training provided ranged from money management, counseling, cooking meals, shopping, home and self care. People who qualify for the SLA program receive up to 8 hours of service a month.

Who Qualifies For Services?

Community Living Services serves any person with a disability or functional limitation who requires assistance to live in the community. CLS has specially trained staff that provide assistance and training in a variety of areas.

If you would like help with enrolling a loved one with this process, please contacts us:

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