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Children’s Services

Community Living Services provides personalized services to children with developmental, physical, and/or emotional disabilities. Services are provided in the family’s home and are geared toward allowing the child to be part of the community. Depending upon the child’s qualifications for services, he or she can receive Family Support Services or Region V Respite Care.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services are geared toward assisting a family by providing in-home supports for their child as well as integrating the child into the community. Through the use of Case Management and Residential Support Staff, Community Living Services makes sure to put the child receiving services first.

Case Managers and Residential Staff assist with the following:

  • Providing socialization experiences through individualized recreational opportunities and/or peer group experiences
  • Teaching daily living skills such as room care and cooking skills
  • Following through on educational, developmental, and physical goals
  • Providing personal care to the child such as dressing, hair care, and personal hygiene
  • Providing transportation for individuals

Region V Respite Care

Region V Respite Care provides supports for the child and their family which helps reduce stressors faced by families when caring for their loved one by giving opportunities for a family to focus on activities outside care of their child.

Region V Respite Care is geared toward providing positive experiences for the child. Goals for Region V Respite Care include:

  • Developing social skills
  • Building self-esteem

These services are provided to families who have children or adolescents with physical, developmental, or emotional/behavioral disabilities.


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