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Enriching the Community Since 1980

Promoting Independent Living


Adult Services

Within the Adult Service Program, there are a variety of services a person can choose from. All of the programs are in place to help support a person to live independently at the best of their ability. These services can occur periodically or up to 24 hours per day.

Children's Services

CLS provides personalized services to children with developmental, physical and / or emotional disabilities. Services are provided in the families home and are geared towards allowing the child to be a part of the community. Depending upon the child’s qualifications for services, he or she can receive  Family Support Services or Region V Respite Care.

Access Services

The Access program provides support for seniors, individuals who have physical disabilities, and/or people who have mental illnesses and require assistance in their homes.  Services range from help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping, to assisting with personal cares such as bathing, showering, toileting and transferring.    CLS staff provide supports in the individuals homes and in the community that focus on respect for the individual and their unique needs.

Vocational Services

The purpose for the vocational program is to discover a person’s skills and interests to build a strong foundation for meaningful, sustainable employment. We provide job seekers a support group dedicated to building partnerships within our community. People receiving services are paired with support staff based on vocational goals, interests, and personal preferences. We use several tools to assess existing skill levels, teach new skills, and build effective routines to create meaningful attainable employment.

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